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These general terms and conditions regulate the use of our web by any visitor or user. The purpose of this web is to establish a means whereby any job seeker can upload and update relevant data to their Curriculum Vitae.

The use of the web is for personal use only, it is voluntary and there is no charge and it considers that all users know and accept the general terms and conditions and the privacy policy with reference to personal data protection.

The owner of the web may suspend activity at any time without having to give any previous notice to users and may also eliminate any user that it deems to be using the site incorrectly, illegally or not complying with the actual terms and conditions.


To be considered for selection it is necessary to register on the web and once your registration is complete you will be able to fill in and edit all relevant personal information and attach any relevant documents that will be considered during the selection process. You guarantee that all data is true, accurate and up to date.

Modification of data

You can maintain your data updated by accessing your private area.


You can exercise your right to cancellation at any time by accessing your private area and click on the relevant link in the personal section. You can also exercise your right to cancellation by sending an email to the address indicated previously in this document.

Personal Data

The personal data provided by the users will only be used for the purpose that they were provided, Currulicum Vitae management by the entity the Village Spain, S.L. These data may be used to send information related to job offers and recruitment processes.


The Village Spain S.L. employees and all people related to the same are exonerated or exempt of any responsibility towards web users with respect to public liability, claims, or procedures pressed by a third party as a result of the use of the site by the users, for incompliance of the present terms and conditions.

The Village Spain S.L. does not guarantee the availability or the continuity of this site or its services, nor does it guarantee the correct or effective use of the site. Where possible the Village Spain S.L. will notify its users of the termination of the service, although the user must take into consideration that it does not depend exclusively on the Village Spain S.L. to maintain and guarantee the service.

The Village Spain S.L., while taking all the necessary technical measures available does not guarantee the absence of viruses that could cause damage during usage by the user of our web, to IT systems(software or hardware), to archives, documents or files stored on your computer system. Similarly and given that data collected by our web is stored at an external hosting company we do not guarantee complete privacy or security when accessing the web or in using the services. We do not guarantee that unauthorised third parties can have access to the web or your data. We do not accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by unauthorised access of third parties to the web.

It is forbidden to alter or modify the functioning of the web. All users are forbidden to access its data bases and the Village Spain S.L. does not accept any responsibility in the case that any of these situations occur. We also reserve the right to legal action under the relevant applicable law. the Village Spain does not accept responsibility of other connected web sites or any other aspect that is related to its access or functioning.


If any clause in this document is declared totally or partially void or without effect such a declaration will not affect in any case other clauses in this document. The remaining clauses will maintain their status as being completely valid and accepted.

Any relationship between our users and visitors which derives from the services offered in this web is subject to Spanish law and jurisdiction. All users who register in the web accept that this users agreement is presumed to take place in Aviles, location determined by the jurisdiction and for this reason any legal conflict or claim will be dealt with at the tribunals in Aviles.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small fragments of the code that inform the Web that you are consulting the visits that take place from your computer. Each time you access the Web all details of visits are stored and also details of what computer was used to make the consultation. All data provided is anonymous and they only reflect the number of times access has been made from one computer or the sections visited from the same computer without giving any data of the person who actually visits the site. The existence of cookies is essential to offer a more personal service to the client and our company uses them in some of our sections enabling us to offer a better service to our users and visitors and for this reason accepting cookies is a requirement to be able to access some of our services. We inform clients that if you are unable to access some of our sections we do not accept any responsibility as it is due to your computer being programmed not to accept cookies.

Personal Data

According to the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Protection of Personal data, your personal data will be added to an automatic file whose sole purpose is to manage the recruitment of personnel. This file is the property of the Village Spain, S.L.. You can exercise your right to amend or cancel the use of your personal data by sending an email to: info @ or by traditional mail to the following address: The Village Spain, Avenida San Agustin s/n, Aviles(Asturias) Spain. Your personal data will only be used for the selection of personnel at the Village Spain or in collaborating companies.